Company overview

Message from the Representative

Around the early 2000s, I was shocked to see fields of genetically modified soya beans in the USA. The field had been sprayed with herbicide from an aeroplan and was weed-free, yet only the soya beans were growing lushly. And not a single insect was attached to the soya beans. Witnessing this bizarre scene, I strongly felt that organic and natural food is needed in Japan, the country that consumes these soya beans and corn.

A few years later, in 2005, the company was launched. At the time, the mangoes I loved so much were hardly distributed in Japan, and I wanted to tell the Japanese people about the taste of mangoes.
Then I set my first mission to promote organic mangoes in Japan. And I named my company MANGOS. I have created many products and projects based on the desire I had at the time of starting this business to “help people through food” and “make people happy”, as well as the spirit of challenge to achieve these goals. And I will continue to take on challenges in the future. Please look forward to the future of MANGOS.

Daisuke Yamada

Company overview

Company name MANGOS Co., Ltd.
Establish 27th May 2005
Company address Ichigaya Green Plaza 021, Ichigaya Sadohara 3-4-2,
Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan 162-0842
Logistic Center address Shizuoka Logistics Centre
Kaneni Warehouse 3 2F , 580-2 Sodeshi-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
Factory address Mango’s Factory Kitchen: 3-74-5 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Factory Kitchen Nara: 1-23-1 Kitayamato, Ikoma, Nara
Company phone number 03-5225-0052
FAX 03-5227-8605
資本金 10,000,000円
Representative Daisuke Yamada
Business details Food planning, development, wholesale and production. Trading. Shop development and management. Event planning and management.